Question: Water testing protocols for Sulfide Mining?

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by Greenhorns | June 02, 2021 21:26 | #26776

We're looking to offer free water testing for community members near a proposed polymetallic sulfide mine. According to my research, we should be worried about the mine's impact on concentrations of lead, copper, zinc, arsenic, and cadmium, as well as how the possible leakage of sulfuric acid effects water pH.

Does anyone have any other experience with this type of mining, or know of other people or organizations who might help us refine or expand our focus. Water testing is very expensive so we'd like to not be testing for anything superfluous.



Have you thought at all about whether you are aiming to go directly to procuring lab data of baseline water quality that lab scientists will testify to the validity of in court? Or more looking for "early warning" signs of impacts from mining like changes in conductivity at different sites in various waterways?

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