Question: We need help with garden testing after Harvey

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by Georgina | October 13, 2017 17:28 | #15048

I'm writing to check for advice on evaluating the produce from a school garden. The question is from my sister, Lala, whose school garden was flooded during Harvey a few weeks ago. Others at her school consider evaluating the produce by sending samples to Texas A&M. This process might take a while, and in the meantime, they're not allowing students to eat vegetables from the garden. Lala was wondering whether there's a quicker way to evaluate produce locally.


Hi there, great question. Bringing an answer over from @thegreencommunitygarden that was sent out on the main list: "Try the local cooperative extension office. But from experience, if produce was submerged in flood waters, they should not be consumed."

Also, here's a link to the gardening tool kit on Public Lab:

Thanks for this guidance!

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