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Question:Paper for printing

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G33K4P00RV4 asked on December 27, 2017 13:50
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Does 65-lb paper not on black work?

paper spectrometry-turbidity cardstock



stef 27 days ago

Depends what you're printing. Can you be more specific?

warren 25 days ago

I bet this is in reference to the papercraft spectrometer:

But do you mean using black paper or using non black ink on non black paper?

G33K4P00RV4 20 days ago

Yes, I was referring to the spectrometer. Non black ink on non black paper. Sorry if I was a little unspecific. This is my first time doing anything like this.

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1 Answers

No problem -- i guess, so for example, I'm not sure if red ink shows up on black paper, but we use colored ink (red, blue) on brown paper when we make the ones in the store:

That seems to work pretty well, especially when we print black onto the back side.

G33K4P00RV4 19 days ago


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