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by Flameytail | November 30, 2017 05:27 | #15268

I am using this tool co calibrate fire test colors for our schools science fair. I need to create a science fair board and i need to print out the readings. i dont need it to be super accurate just to have a definite measure- ability. i am extremely new to this so dont judge

that is the lab procedure that i have created

  1. Configure the spectrometer box(acording to the included instructions)
  2. Go to Public lab Spectral workbench and click the "Capture spectra" button in the top right corner
  3. Make a account with public lab. A real email is not necessary(no verification required)
  4. Plug in the USB cord to a USB port on your computer
  5. (I am using Chrome web browser for this experiment so I do not know how to configure the Safari or Internet Explorer version of this) Locate the camera icon in the top right corner of the search bar.
  6. Click on the symbol and change the camera to the spectrometer module that you plugged into your computer.
  7. Place the spectrometer module in the test tube pincher attachment, with the camera farthest into the clamp and the lense pointed at the blowtorch . If needed apply tape to the module and the holder till firmly attached
  8. Use one a seperate clamp to hold a thermometer into place in the flame of the blowtorch
  9. Fire up the blowtorch
  10. Make sure that the Nichrome wire is free of contamination by heating in in the flame till it turns bright orange
  11. Quench the wire to make completely sure that the wire is free of contamination
  12. Click the button titled
  13. Scoop around 200 mg of copper sulphate up with the nichrome twist. To non scientific measuring that is a small pinch
  14. Place the wire into the flame and click the start recording button
  15. Save the spectrum recording as the chemical name to your public lab account.
  16. Calibrate the sample by clicking calibrate on the main bar
  17. Adjust the bars that apear on the colored bars on t bars of color that you have captured
  18. If they do not need any adjusting save the image.
  19. Create a folder in your desktop titled "Spectrometry Samples"
  20. Download the file as a image and create a document with all of the images on the documenti

ive probably messed a few things up so


This looks very cool! Have you taken photos of these steps, or might you? We would love to feature this as an activity if you can illustrate at least some of the steps to help show people how to set things up! You can post activities at

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i have not done the experement yet- but a detailed pre writen procedure is due on december 1st tommorow

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Good luck! And please do post it as an activity once you do - folks would love to see this step by step with some photos and such!

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