Question: How to make this picture in an NDVI image

Davide_Ferrante asked on March 10, 2018 14:58
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I already have an infrared image. How do I realize an NDVI image? With Photoshop or other processing software? TNXimage description


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liz 2 months ago

HI everyone, @Davide_Ferrante is wondering how to make this picture that he took with a DJI Phantom 3 into a NDVI image. I guess the first thing that i was wondering was if there were any more pictures that included an infrared band?

warren 2 months ago

Hi -- what is the pink picture? Is it from a modified camera, like an #infragram camera? Looks cool!

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1 Answers

If you have a normal color photo and an NIR photo of the exact same scene, you can use the Photo Monitoring plugin for Fiji. The Github repository has full instructions for making NDVI or false color IR images.


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