Question: Use this research to build inexpensive autonomous lionfish killing drones

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by DavesPlanet | December 31, 2016 19:01 | #13827

What I want to do or know

People interested in this buoyancy control device project may be interested in the Facebook group "LionTamer" where we discuss using inexpensive buoyancy controlled autonomous drones to hunt and kill lionfish. I've posted the link to this project on the groups page. Thanks!

Background story


I'm having a hard time figuring out to approve this or not. While there might be a reason to publish info on trying to make a drone to kill lionfish (invasive species or ill effects on environment) this is still a post on making something that is intended to harm a animal. I did look at the facebook page and this project seems like something interesting but given that this is using a unmanned underwater drone to kill something I'm a bit worried. Now if the work was to use a drone to spray some kind of deterrent I could approve but not this. I suggest emailing or talking with other PL moderators if the OP wishes this to get published.

I agree @Ekta64 this is a difficult call

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Facebook account needed to check the project... fb.png

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Hi Dave, This is a very interesting project. How is the Facebook group working for you so far?

Based on the name of your Facebook group, I added the tag "liontamer" to your question here. As a result, this URL will show all content tagged with "liontamer": , click the questions tag to see your post. Perhaps you'd like to create a main page for your project, how about ?

Let me know if you have questions about using Public Lab as a research hub. Sincerely, Liz.

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