Question: Balloon mapping workshop for a street festival in London

by ClimateArt | with Username June 27, 2022 17:12 | #31159

Take part in a street festival with a balloon-mapping workshop.

Saturday, 9 July 2022

We at Climate Art are a small team running a public art commissioning body focussed on climate change. We develop and deliver interdisciplinary projects, based on an understanding of public art as bringing together diverse voices and empowering the communities it serves. We are working on our next commission in Somers Town and are taking in Somers Town Festival on 9 July 2022. As part of the festival we would like to do a balloon mapping workshop. The workshop would be referencing the work we did for our project last year: Unfortunately, the practitioner who worked with us in 2021 is not available on 9 July, so we are asking for a member of Public Lab's London community to run a balloon mapping workshop with us that day.

We can reimburse travel expenses within London and pay a fee.

Thank you!


Hi folks who i recall as being in or around London, at least at some point, check out this great group and festival for July 9. They are looking to connect with Public Lab community members who may be around London to run an aerial mapping workshop. CC @cwbTekiu , @MateoNeira , @Thong , anyone else in addition to Muki?

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