Question: KnowFlow: Send Data to Android App via BluetoothLE

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by ChrisWard | December 18, 2018 00:01 | #17963

DFRobot manufacture the Bluno - An Arduino Bluetooth 4.0 (BLE) Board. Their first example project led me to Public Lab:



Project 1. Build KnowFlow: automatic water monitor

KnowFlow is the name of this water quality monitoring device, based on Arduino Uno.

It can automatically monitor 5 parameters of water: pH, Temperature, Dissolved Oxygen, Electronic Conductivity, ORP._

It would be great to be able to send the data to an Android App via BLE. It's easy to create the App exactly as required with MIT's App Inventor

However, I cannot find an Arduino Sketch for KnowFlow and Bluno that uses Bluno's onboard BLE to share data collected. Has anybody achieved this?


Welcome Chris! I'll copy in @shantler and @rockets of the KnowFlow team

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Thanks Liz

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