Question: Is there an iPhone app for foldable spectrometer?

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by CanfieldC | October 27, 2016 19:58 | #13660

I assembled one of your foldable paper spectrometers, and I think I followed the directions correctly, but I get inconsistent spectra , and I am wondering if there is an app for using it on an iPhone. On your site there is a picture of an iPhone with an interface that seems to say "Capture".

Also, I can't seem to get a horizontal spectrum no matter how I orient the CD fragment; it's either a vertical spectrum or very scattered (see pics).

I am high school chemistry teacher trying to use this device with my students.


Hi @CanfieldC ! It's great to meet you. I was the one who organized what i now understand to be your students' work into . I hope that was helpful, and if not, please do let me know.

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There is no iPhone app, or any app, actually! To capture a spectrum with iPhone, use your camera to take a still picture of the spectra and then upload it to On Android, use Firefox mobile browser to browse to, login with your credentials, and use the interface's capture interface directly.

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On iOS, there is the Bowser browser, which I've heard has the correct features to work with Spectral Workbench live recording, but I've never been able to test it myself. If it works for you, please report back!

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Hi there! I've been trying to use the spectralworkbench with IOS with no success using Browser app. That web browser is suupposed to use WebRTC but I don't think It's working either. When trying the spectralworkbench the browser remains saying "requesting camera access" to the infinite. When I checked on the IOS settings, the camera has never been requested access from the Browser app. Also this app shound work with but It's not, so I think the app is lacking access to the IOS camera. Anyway using @Liz method works great ;)

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