Question: Don't know how to use DIY Plant Analysis Webcam

Barabba33 asked on September 16, 2016 07:33
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Guys i've just bought a DIY Plant Analysis Webcam form Infragram and I don't really understand how to make it work. I've plugged the USB and the driver has been installed, but when I go to and clic on "connect to a camera" it just says that there are no cameras available. Could you help me find the way to make it work?

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stef almost 2 years ago

Your operating system (OS) is not seeing the new cam. If you have a camera icon on your taskbar click on that and you may see the laptop webcam turn on and may be able to switch to your new cam. It is OS dependent. Otherwise do a search on web.


warren almost 2 years ago

Hi, what browser are you using? Firefox and Chrome work best.

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