Question: How to rename a set on Spectral Workbench?

AndrewJamesLaplante asked on June 12, 2016 14:02
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Hey I was wondering if it is possible to rename an already created set?



Hey Andrew, welcome to the public lab website! I'm actually curious about this too -and hopefully somebody will come by soon and let us know. You can also check out our discussion lists in the 'get involved' section. Good luck!

Hmm, it looks like there's a bug in the "edit" link -- I've filed a fix and it will go up soon, but until then you can change the word "set" to "sets" in the link shown here (the pencil icon) and it should start working. Sorry!


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1 Answers

Yes, it there should be an edit link (with pencil icon) under the "description" tab to do this.

Hi, Andrew -- if this worked for you, could you mark this answer "Accepted"? This is a new feature on the site! Thanks.

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