Question: Possible sources of more spectrometer information

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Ag8n asked on February 03, 2018 00:15
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Not a question. Ran across the national science digital library NSDL, the other day. It's a good source of some tutorials. Google it, if interested.

The one most applicable is a spin off of the NSDL, the Analytical Science Digital Library (ASDL). It lists many papers using different techniques. For anyone who is interested. Google for more info.


I have also found some good info on this subject and other related topics on Internet Archive. There is a book called "Outline of Applied Optics" that you can download for free from Internet Archive , its quite old of a book but I thought it had pretty good info.

Haven't heard of that one. Thank you. I'll look it up!

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Thank you for the help programmer 1200!

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