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Leads on mass produced giant mylar balloons

by warren | May 14, 2012 21:00 14 May 21:00 | #1968 | #1968

Looking for a place to try to get 1.8 meter mylar balloons made, maybe eventually for inclusion in the balloon mapping kit.

I also just had to include a few of the more hilarious links:

Finally... but darn, not the right kind of DIY Photo balloons, haha:


Anyways, I'm writing to them asking:

I am with a company selling science kits and we need a bulk order of 180cm wide circular mylar foil balloons. Can you produce these in 1000-5000 unit quantities?

Close enough to the truth... :-)


I love the militarized cow balloon. Reminds me of this. :)

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Followup: @patcoyle eventually found some 36" mylar balloons which are quite affordable: https://publiclab.org/notes/patcoyle/09-07-2015/mobius-non-fish-eye-and-small-lifter-wrapup

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