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Help document how to connect different sensors to a data logger

by warren |

We have a range of data logger projects on the site, most of which are Arduino-based, and therefore pretty compatible! (Thanks, #arduino!) Let's work together to compile information on different sensors that could be used across these different platforms. That way, each data logging project doesn't have to develop its own separate documentation for each type of sensor. (above image by @zengirl2 in this post)

To make it easier to connect a specific sensor to any datalogger, let's go through the big list of sensors and add information about compatibility.

1. Choose a sensor from the list

There's a huge list of sensors organized by type on the Water Sensors page.

I've embedded that list here; find one that has no information under the Interface column:

See and edit the full spreadsheet here

2. Follow the URL and look for interface information

Vernier sensors list compatible devices under Compatibility Requirements, but their site is more helpful than most. We're hoping for Arduino compatibility. image description

3. Add Arduino to the Interfaces column if it's there

Or, if you see something like "USB + Bluetooth", add that. Some sensors have a proprietary interface and are not compatible with anything but the parent company's devices. That's good to know too -- mark that "Proprietary".

That's it! Thanks --

  1. If you're up to it, add a new entry to the Connecting Sensors section of the Water Sensors page, showing how to actually plug in and program the sensor!
  2. If you're looking to add new sensors to the list, see this activity:

Help collect environmental sensors + probes on a shared list

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