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Embed a Q&A system on another website

by warren |

Our Q&A system is based at -- but most of our questions are actually sorted by topic, on pages like:

These each have a prompt to ask questions about this topic, like this:

Title Author Updated Likes
How does data from a Kestrel wind sensor compare to an Modern Device wind sensor? @warren 5 months ago
Walkthrough: What software is used to get wind data off the Kestral? @kgradow1 5 months ago
How do we get data off of different wind sensors @warren 5 months ago
Can anyone help with weather station recommendations? @stevie 9 months ago
Any simple ways to measure wind direction from a data logger? @warren 9 months ago

Ask a question  or help answer future questions

These can also be embedded on other websites off of, as in this example:

image description

See this example at

The code for embedding is a bit subtle, to the lower right of the questions tables -- you can click the

The generated code will look something like:image description

Paste the one your questions grid generates onto a site that allows iframes and it'll show up there!

Note: this also works for activity grids!

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