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Issues 1-3 of The Barnraiser

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warren was awarded the Photo Documentation Barnstar by liz for their work in this research note.

At this year's Barnraising, @patcoyle, @marlokeno, @lombana and I published a daily, one-page newspaper covering each day's events. For our work, and particularly for the final issue (which I was basically not involved in!), we were awarded a "Pullet-zer Prize" by @tonyc (anyone have a picture of this?).

For those of you who didn't get a copy at breakfast, or who weren't able to join us in Cocodrie, Louisiana, here are the first three issues of the Barnraiser, from Friday through Sunday.

Thanks to everyone involved, and please leave your thoughts, feedback, ideas, etc in the comments below!

Issue 1: Friday Nov 19

PDF: barnraiser-2015-11-19.pdf

Issue 2: Saturday Nov 20

PDF: The_Barnraiser--Saturday__Nov_20.pdf

Issue 3: Sunday Nov 21

PDF: The_Barnraiser--Sunday__Nov_21.pdf


Congratulations on your award. The reported stories had many layers.


Ha @cfastie! i just got that

@liz, I'm glad you appreciate my fowl sense of humor.

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