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Join DocCom -- the Barnraising documentation committee

by warren | November 03, 2016 17:39 03 Nov 17:39 | #13675 | #13675

Greetings, DocCom members, and other Barnraising attendees!

What is DocCom, you ask? Well:

Help to document and record content, sessions, ideas, and media from the Barnraising. Help produce our little one-page daily newspaper, The Barnraiser.

(Secret: DocCom is the best Com!)

The Barnraiser

This year, we're going to try to do a poster-sized paper-based layout over the course of the day, so it's more collaborative, and stories come in on Post-Its. We'll then do a final version of the text, take a picture, insert the final photography, and print it!

We'll have a brief "Barnraiser" meeting at the start of the event (I'll make an announcement). Stay sharp -- last year, we won a "Pullet-zer" prize, which a lot of punny people took down a dark, pun-filled path.

Session note-taking

As to broader documentation, we often have /too much content/ per session to effectively communicate out. I'm going to be suggesting we ask session members to try to do a VERY concise wrap-up at the end of each session, which could form the core of the session notes.

I'm also encouraging people to try to articulate what questions were raised during the session, to add to the Questions board (more on this soon); this is with the goal of placing good questions at the heart of our collaborative work.


I'm also interested in potentially doing a series of very short (30s) video interviews with different Barnraising attendees over the course of the event. If folks are interested in this, speak up!

Do folks have questions, ideas, etc? We can and will have a chance to talk more as the event begins!

Thanks, I'm looking forward to working with you all!

P.S. Bring a camera or get ready to wield your smartphone camera!

Photo below by @cfastie:

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