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New website launched

by warren | July 12, 2013 00:56 12 Jul 00:56 | #8855 | #8855

A brand new website!

Hello all -- you've probably been hearing about this process on some of the lists, but we've just switched over our default website to the new and shiny 2.0 site.

Notably, all URLs should now redirect you to!


We've tested this a good bit, but if you have trouble, PLEASE reply to this message (even "me too!" responses are helpful to assess if it's a systematic problem). There may be some lurking bugs (fingers crossed, but you never know) so look out! If you're feeling extra helpful, you can report bugs here.

Legacy site and next steps

If you still need features from the old site, you can still access it at: The new site, which you can read about here, will continue to be improved and refined in coming weeks. Stay tuned and thanks for making Public Lab an amazing community!


the Public Lab staff and the Web Working Group


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