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Photos from a kite mapping party in Somerville

by warren |

Hi, all - we had a great #kite-mapping-party on Monday evening, over a dozen people came out to map, and we flew all kinds of kites -- squid shaped, frog shaped, and the classic 9-foot delta kites as the wind died down.

The photos look great, though we weren't doing that much to point them downward so they're pretty "normal" looking pointed out towards Boston as the sun set. Not so much "mapping" pictures but still real nice!

One camera fell onto pavement from ~60-70 feet up, because I tied it wrong. (oops!) But it survived! The shock-proof case on those GoPro alternatives is really pretty good.

Thanks everyone for coming out! We'll share some photos on the Public Lab instagram.

Here are some:

image description

image description

image descriptionimage description

image description

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