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Mounting rig for the Riffle

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create a method for deploying Riffle data logger inside of a soda bottle, using cheap materials and protecting against damage

My attempt and results


Using 4 zip ties, created a square frame.


Then bound the Riffle board into the middle, leaving tails hanging off the two additional zip ties. The pressure is placed on the edge of the board, and the nature of zip ties gives you a bit of space on either side, without squishing any electronics.



The whole thing shoves into the bottle, then explands(tm) out to fill the available space. The Riffle is suspended at an angle, equidistant from the sides of the bottle. It's a bit hard to make out from just one photo. Gif forthcoming, I'm sure.


Questions and next steps

Why I'm interested


Clever approach.

Wanted to see how it would work with battery back included. Mocked up battery pack using a marker of approx. weight, and made little "legs" using ziptie material and rubber bands. Gave the legs some shape, so it could press itself against one side of the bottle.



Here it is in position.


And here it is holding itself up, above the Riffle rig. You can slop these around pretty vigorously without the two smacking into each other.

Of course, if still, the batteries will serve as ballast and settle on the "bottom."

It seems easy to retrieve the battery unit and then the riffle unit without tangling anything.

For a test I want to mail this thing to Don and see if it's still working. :)

And to get it out?? I guess you might need to cut the bottle?

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Nah, you can pull it right out again. The little loop part is reachable to hook with a finger, and then the whole thing can be coaxed back out of the bottle.

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