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Upcoming OpenHour on Particulate Matter Monitoring

by stevie | February 13, 2020 20:11 13 Feb 20:11 | #22804 | #22804


Public Lab will be hosting an OpenHour on Particulate Matter monitoring Monday, March 2 at 1 pm ET/ 2 pm CT (see your timezone here).

We'll explore advancements in sensor technology, and discuss reasons why community groups might choose one method for monitoring over another given their interests and goals. (We'll update this wiki with info from the call!)

Link to Join

Or call in: 1 646 876 9923 Meeting ID: 492 100 870 Click here for international numbers

Hope to see you there!


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I'm sorry but as usual the time difference kills me. I could potentially listen in but at that time I cannot join the discussions (I'm too busy getting kids out of bed and into schools)

Could I request a recording of the discussions? I'm particularly interested in the reasons people/communities might have to choose one sensor/platform over another and I'm sure that the discussion will continue beyond the event so it will be useful to have the recording as a reference.

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Hello @stevie. Yes i would love to be there. Thanks for organizing it. But i am not very sure how exactly could i 'join' in - little slow on modern social media thing ;)

Hi! No worries. This link will get you directly into the call when it starts:

Or you can call in from the US here: 1 646 876 9923 Meeting ID: 492 100 870

If you'll be international there are local numbers here you can call into:

Let me know if you have any questions on it! Looking forward to speaking with you then!

@guolivar Sorry about the timezone trouble. But no worries! All OpenHours are recorded. You can find them on this page: Normally takes us just a day or two to get it posted.

Also, if there are things you'd want shared on the call you can post them here ahead of time and I'll make sure they are brought up.


Sorry, I'm not available. 



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Thanks @stevie . Looking forward to the discussion.

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