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The main aim of the project was to manage too many notifications for subsequent edits and new taggings on nodes. This is the original proposal to the project

Work Done

- Email notifications without scheduling

This involved sending emails t tag subscribers on new tagging, found here. The issues were broken into the following subsections:

  • Check whether a user has gotten any notification regarding new node creation or any of its tagging.
  • Check the tags on a node.
  • Get the list of users following the new tag.
  • Check that for each of the users following the new tag, none is following the existing tags.
  • Tests for the above conditions.

Tag addition Notification

This used the above conditions to send notifications. It was done in the following steps:

  • Create a mailer template with the notification information.
  • Trigger for the new notifications.
  • Tests for the notifications. Here is the summary of the work merged.

Unmerged Work

Precursor to active Jobs

This checks the nodes which are liked, updated, commented upon and posted within the past given period of time time.

Future work to be done

- Active Job Scheduling

Active Job is a framework for declaring jobs and making them run on a variety of queuing backends. This has been broken down and more elaborated here


Hi, StellaMaris - thanks. Can you post an issue related to adding a link to the email sent for new tags, so people can click to go to the relevant page? Or was this already done? Thanks!

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Also, can you link to your original proposal? That'd be helpful. Thanks!

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Hi StellaMaris, i added a line above your bullet points so that they appear as i believe you may have intended! I support @warren 's advice above, let me know if you need help.

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Hi Stella. I think it's better to discuss bit more informations here. If you can add couple of paragraphs for initial project plan, modification of the plan with the identification of the real requirement and it's implementations in the code base would be more useful for someone who is trying to understand the project by going through this final report.

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Hi @stella, Can you also edit the title of the research note to include your Project title ?

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Hi, @stella - i agree with Ujitha, perhaps you can add a bit more detail, for example linking to each of your PR urls, and talking about some of the challenges you faced.

Another thing you can do is to copy in more from your planning issue in terms of the remaining tasks. After doing that, some of them can be made into new issues for others (or yourself) to solve later. Thanks!

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