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Email Notification Overhaul

by stella | April 03, 2017 06:26 03 Apr 06:26 | #14084 | #14084

Personal Information

Name: StellaMaris Njage Email: Github: Gitter: StellaMaris Location: Nairobi, Kenya


Bsc. Mathematics and Computer Science - Maseno University, Kenya

Project description

I would love to work on email notification overhaul. The project was opened in 2014 and nobody has ever since taken up the issue. Some of the features that I would love to work on include: - Reply by email to comments. - Notification preferences for users. - Improve tag subscriptions when tags are added late.


Main problem is that the application does not have a means of communication for users. They have to communicate through Google groups.


  • I will use the Test Driven Development approach.
  • MiniTest testing framework.

Week 0(4 - 7 May): Community Bonding - Familiarize myself in greater depth about the source code of the project. - Create a good working relationship with the mentor.

Week 1 (15 - 21 May): Tests for comments via email. - Write test on how the feature is expected to function.

Week 2(22-28 May): Reply to comments via email - Work on the feature using gem Mailman.

Week 3(29 May - 4 June) Notification Preferences Tests

Week 4(12 - 18 June) Notification Preferences - Work on Comments as a preference for notification.

Week 5( 12 - 18 June). Subscriptions - Work on subscriptions as a preference for notification.

Week 6 (19 - 25 June) Likes - Work on likes as a preference for notification.

Week 7(26 June - 2 July) Evaluation. - Review features that might need adjustments.

Week 8 (3 - 9 July)Tests for auto subscription

Week 9( 10 - 16 July) Sign Up offers to auto-subscribe you to tags you are looking at

  • Add extra field in the login form might indicate some tags which a user could add to or delete, like such as topics that interest him/her.

Week 10(17-23 July)Tests - Write tests for delay in sending emails.

Week 11( 24 - 30 July) Delay in sending emails - Improve tag subscriptions when tags are added late to reduce delay in sending emails.

Week 12 (31July - 6 August):) Evaluation. - Review features that might need adjustments.

Week 13: Code Refactoring - Clean up code

Week 14(14 - 20 August) Report Writing Week 15(21 - 29 August) Final Evaluation and Submissions


I need the following resources: - Guidance of a mentor. - Internet connection. - Documentation


I have already forked and set up all the resources needed to get me going on my local machine. The link to the repository is:


How I have learned about writing software; I was first exposed to writing code in a three-month boot camp between May- August 2016. I have been improving my skills through writing projects, contribution to open source software, teaching my fellow coursemates, going through code tutorials and documentation and also participating in quizzes such as Code Wars.

Languages: -Ruby -Ruby on Rails JavaScript -HTML5 -CSS3

Other projects I have contributed:

Contributions to Public Lab: I have already familiarized myself with the welcome page and so far these are the contributions I have made:


I have worked with Agile Ventures team, Lake Hub team and my course mates during group project. Working in teams(especially Agile Ventures) has boosted myself confidence a great deal, I am comfortable asking questions and interacting with other team members. Working with deadlines has also helped me to be more organized and more sufficient.


Public Lab is a great project that provides a platform on which I can enhance my skills. Looking forward to being steps closer to a senior developer by the end of the internship. The community at public is very supportive and friendly and I would like to continue working with them.


This project will have a great impact on the end users. They will have the power of choosing the platform on which they would wish to be notified such as comments, subscriptions or likes. They also don’t have to visit the website in order to reply to their comments as they can do this over the email. This will making it more welcoming and friendly to the users.


I do understand this is a serious commitment, equivalent to a full-time summer job. I do pledge my full time commitment to the above project till the end .


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