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Bayou Sauvage Results 1: problems in labeling test strips

by sara | July 12, 2012 01:35 12 Jul 01:35 | #2762 | #2762

Overview: On 6/23/12 Shannon and Scott tried out the photographic paper test strips for the first time. Because Shannon was travelling they mailed the test strips to me to fix in Providence. Unfortunately during shipping some of the labels came off.

I'm posting this note to see if Shannon and Scott can help id the remaining 4 canisters. And so we collectively remember not to use this kind of sticky label again.

I've added some photos.

We need to ID:

2b 6b 6d 7b

Any ideas? Should I take some individual pictures of the 4 unidentified canisters?

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i had packed them so that they were all grouped together in fours

sorry about those labels, those were my fault. next time, will stick to painter's tape

there may be some other labels under the gaffe tape, but the tape tends to pull off the sticker

we know for sure that none of the ones with gaffe tape on the bottom are of the "open top" exposure method, so that may eliminate some...

but all of the ones you list would each have had one hole, and one hole made in the label--which is why i had to add a label. so yes, the round labels are under the tape, but the tape will destroy the label...


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I'm feeling like this is why we had to practice so many word problems all throughout school... Scott... remember the two pieces of paper that I took notes on and you took pictures of? Good thing, because I can't find the actual paper. Could you send me those images, I think I should be able to figure it out from there.

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Awesome thanks for the ideas, I carefully scrapped away the printers tape so the labels were intact beneath--so all canisters are now accounted for. Off to fix the strips now. Fingers crossed! sara

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shannon, here's a link to the images, but i transcribed them onto the spreadsheet that i had emailed out to you guys

glad to hear my description helped!

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