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KAP with simple dual juice-bottle rig: Infragram and visible mapping around Mocho Park, Livermore CA

by patcoyle | September 17, 2013 03:17 17 Sep 03:17 | #9336 | #9336

Exercise an Infragram converted camera along with a visible camera in dual camera rig, without need to synch them. Opens up opportunity to use simpler crash-resistant housing without need to accomodate USB remote shutter triggering circuitry.

I also wanted to capture the construction site activities across the street from the park. Map-of-the-day is one of the key reasons we do this.


Web views of Mapknitter results are at: pre-stitched-infragram-map



Flew Delta 9' Levitation with dual juice-bottle top camera rig, two-point connection to kite line with loop through S-biners with Brooxes Hangups (I like this as alternative to Picavet), SX260HS and A490 with Rosco 2007 filter, each running CHDK intervalometer scripts. The A490 had been white balanced against a deep blue sky and the images are dark orange like Chris Fastie and others have suggested. Based on the SX260HS gps info and ground elevation per Google Earth, the max camera height above ground was just under 80 meters.

In terms of questions and next steps: The simple rig worked well, keeping cameras pointing down reasonably well. I used Ned Horning's Photomonitoring plugin with Fiji. I thank Ned for the capability to process a directory of images at a time. I also used which Don Blair and others are bringing along nicely. However, I find it hard to manually stitch the processed images in Mapknitter. I also tried autostitching the infragram images using AutoPanoGiga on the Mac and MS ICE on Windows. Then I post-processed them with Ned's tool and, then used Mapknitter to display the processed image. Basically, they do a better job than I do manually. I have open questions on the color tables to give most informative processed results. I had trouble with the A490 stopping early in the flight. The A490 LCD goes dark as soon as it starts the script, so not easy to see what is going on. Need to troubleshoot this.


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