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Northern California

The Northern California region has held a number of balloon mapping and other Public Lab events, and has an active mailing list where members organize and announce events. ###Organizers * [Stewart Long](/profile/gonzoearth) (Oakland, CA) * [Pat Coyle](/profile/patcoyle) (Livermore, CA) * Mathew Xi (Oakland) * [Michele Tobias](/profile/MicheleTobias) (Davis, CA) <iframe style="border:none;" width="500" height="375" src="http://archive.publiclaboratory.org/leaflet/?tms=http://archive.publiclaboratory.org/oakland/2011-11-02-california-oakland-occupy/tms-noon/&lon=-122.27136301050002&lat=37.804517210149996&zoom=18"></iframe> <iframe style="border:none;" width="500" height="375" src="http://archive.publiclaboratory.org/leaflet/?tms=http://archive.publiclaboratory.org/sunol/2011-09-24-california-sunol-ag-park/tms-vis/&lon=-121.8843175365&lat=37.58786909365&zoom=16"></iframe> ...

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