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How can I demonstrate the bioremediation of fungi?

by nviollier | March 19, 2019 16:14 19 Mar 16:14 | #18778 | #18778

Hello. I am actually doing a master in Barcelona of Design for the Emergent Futures. So I am going to the area of bioremediation with fungi mycoremediation system. Where I searching to remediate toxic with mycelium like the idea to create regenerative materials. So as a first step I train oyster mushroom to digest cigarette but form the street. Having a good result because the fungi break it down completely digesting it. But the problem is then when I want to prove that the fungi were able to transform the toxic of the cigarette butt in organic material I can't prove it with real data. So I am now struggling because they are some scientists that had told me that is impossible that the toxic are still there worst know in the mushroom infecting nature. But I see that they are other many scientists like you that have proved that fungi are able to bioremediate and transform toxic inorganic materials.

Bioremediation its a real solution for toxic or waste? Can you help me how to prove the effectiveness? And if you can send me your experiment process it would be very useful for me.

Thank you.


I wish that I had answers for you, unfortunately I am only a hobbist mycologist... However I am absolutely SO STOKED about this concept and going to do some personal research to try and help you with your question!

Myself and @DanielleS are both mushroom enthusiasts and were discussing at the last barnraising about starting a fungi book club, starting with this book: Let me know if you'd like to join in!

Hello a1ahna, glad to meet you. Lest be in touch an talk about fungi bioremediation is a very important topic nowadays where everything is sustainability stretching more and more the materials. We need to start thinking about how to create bio-regenerative systems like mycoremediation.

It will be an honor for me to join you in the fungi book club.

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Hey @a1ahna and @nviollier,

Looks like this post is several months old by now but I'd be interested in connecting about this! I'm also hoping to start working with fungi and mycoremediation. I've only ever cultivated oyster mushrooms for food before but would be thrilled about starting more experiments.

By the way, is the fungi book club still going on?

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Hi, I’m very late to this conversation, but I’d love to get in on the book club.

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