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" @molangmuir10 this is great thank you! I will make sure to try get all of this addressed. I have already started with a PR for this point :) 1) M..." | Read more » 5 days ago
"@molangmuir10 I'm glad you like it! I am going to merge this update and definitely want to read your note so please tag me in comments :) " | Read more » 9 days ago
" Thank you I appreciate it! " | Read more » 10 days ago
" Hi @molangmuir10! @jywarren has told me you and @silentsairam have been running mapping events and providing input on UI work with Mapknitter. If ..." | Read more » 11 days ago
" it won't let me like your comments right now for some reason but these are really cool! They deserve their own note! " | Read more » 19 days ago
" This is awesome! This just made me think about how I could make a post out of all those videos I've been posting " | Read more » 19 days ago
" @warren @stevie This is definitely interesting to think about! With our check-in process, what has worked is: 1) Imposing a schedule (ex. sundays..." | Read more » 19 days ago
" @gauravano it's jaded because its face is covered by a 'maintainers wanted' advertisement! " | Read more » 28 days ago
" @bsugar I just read about an OS model that sounds similar to the multi-tiered system you are referring to (by principle). Its called "the onion mo..." | Read more » 28 days ago
" Woops sorry! I didn't mean the community is good or bad. Was referring more to structural idiosyncrasies that either were + or -. Would you say I..." | Read more » 29 days ago
" @cfastie fire emojis did you come up with this? I think this is a good description for the individual steps, rather than the workflow as a whole. ..." | Read more » 29 days ago
" shhh I was trying not to out the community in my anecdote! I guess it's pretty obvious to some people. Anyway thank you for the feedback :) Do yo..." | Read more » 29 days ago
""cycle of virtuous giving" quote I took out of google mentor guide. Probably a little too intense but something to springboard off of maybe? Like s..." | Read more » 29 days ago
" @bansal_sidharth2996 I feel like I am not done with it yet anyways. Should I keep working on it here then when I feel like it's done move it into ..." | Read more » 29 days ago
" Haha! Thank you, I didn't even notice that line honestly. I was too nervous to try to be funny in the post (still haven't reframed in this context..." | Read more » 29 days ago
"@warren I was so excited about brainstorming on this on the phone and totally left out why - back in school I did some consulting for an organizati..." | Read more » about 1 month ago
"Thank you reading it! Yes I noticed the analytical contributions referencing the Github stats were on the final report... just pulled them right ba..." | Read more » about 1 month ago
"@rexagod this is really cool! Really excited to start to see some of these ideas implemented and feel free to make suggestions on my multiple image..." | Read more » 3 months ago
"Reposting from Github as requested: I would love to be a mentor with public lab. My completed requirements: solved FTO solved help-wanted creat..." | Read more » 5 months ago
"@warren Thank you for adding me! " | Read more » 6 months ago
" @warren I have really enjoyed being a part of the Public Lab community and I would love the opportunity to join the reviewers team! I am most fami..." | Read more » 6 months ago


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