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New Experimental Design, Aztec, New Mexico

by megan | August 14, 2012 13:24 14 Aug 13:24 | #3285 | #3285

After talking with Sara about next steps, we decided four things are important, we decided we should run the same experiment as before, and change a few things.

Time - We need to run the experiment for at least one week and one month. (Horwell paper suggests doubling everything)

Light - In the results of the last experiment there was a noticeable correlation between the horizontal containers and a greater darkening of the strips. We need to work on blocking out the light, or not block it at but be able to isolate the difference.

Here are three different ideas for that.

  1. Try different containers: Long pvc pipe, tent containers, no container at all

  2. Make a small tent structure over existing photocontainers.

  3. Use copper to see if the difference in containers changes the reaction of the photopaper

Distance - Does distance from the well matter?

  1. Place containers in same position as before, and also in circles that are expanding 50' outside of that initial circle. Say one at 50' away from well, one at 100' and one at 150'. (60 containers each well)

  2. Place on container every 20' at the N, S, E, and W of the well, go out 200' (80 containers)

Container orientation.

This might not be relevant if we use different containers, but we could just run the same experiment as before over to see if the results are consistent or change over time.


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