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New Container Tests, Aztec, New Mexico

by megan | August 14, 2012 13:34 14 Aug 13:34 | #3286 | #3286

Trying out new ideas for containers.

Since we got more results for the horizontally placed tubes, I thought we could try out PVC pipes, open on both ends, but longer then the containers, to see if the light will not get to them. I cut them at 2" (same as film containers), 5" and 8".

I put them outside (on the same wire we used in the first experiment) in the dark last night, and was planning to check results on Friday, however, I just went out this morning and all the strips are pretty dark, after only one hour of sun!!!

For this to work, the tubes would have to be much longer and black, so that no light bounces off them.

Oh well!


good note!

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I've been using some pvc in spectrometry and theyre really quit transparent. I was able to block light by lining them with black paper inside.

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