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Higher E+D workshop

by liz | March 28, 2013 14:24 28 Mar 14:24 | #6576 | #6576

NYC: Saturday April 6, 2-4pm

Higher ED Workshop: Weather scores, Wind scales, and Scattered Dances In these two hours we will enact and create dance scores that grow and shift our understanding of weather in the city. We will also learn how to assess wind speed by observing the movement of objects and trees around us. We will seek out micro-weather factors around the New School such as buildings that protect us from wind or redirect it, temperature differences in areas of shade or sun, and the effects of nearby traffic or street trees.If there are the right conditions for gathering aerial imagery by kite, we will fly a camera as well. It is our hypothesis that the body is a highly tuned weather-sensing instrument, come test this with us!


I just successfully launched the little bear kite friday morning, in the middle of the city in a schoolyard 30m wide. nothing but trees, powerlines, and busy streets everywhere.

We had asked to access the roof, which would have guaranteed success, but were denied.

I worked with Dan to do a pull start on the kite, to get above the wind shadow of the 40ft building. once i was out of the turbulence, the kite flew to about 300 ft.

I couldn't manuver on the ground very much, so i didn't hit the target for our photography, but I did get good photos of he yard and the neighborhood beyond.

I'm more confident that i can launch a kite in almost any conditions, as long as there's wind.

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