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Add Reviewers to a language (managers)

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This activity is for managers of Public Lab's Transifex project. Please leave a comment if you would like to help manage this project. By the end of this activity, you will know how to change the role of people as reviewers.

1. While logged into Transifex, go to the Team menu. Direct link:

2. Click into a specific language to get to the Team page for a specific language, in this case, Spanish: See in the screenshot below how Spanish does not yet have any reviewers:

image description

3. Click the "Add Reviewers" link; a popup window will open. It is the same invite screen we have seen before, now preset to "Collaborator's role: Reviewer". All you have to do is enter either the transifex user name (look in the lower left hand corner of the page in the background), or invite a new person to join the team via email.

image description

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