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Better communicate the purpose of research notes

by liz with stevie , warren |

What I want to do

Better communicate what research notes are for. This could be a static illustration as @warren imagined, as well as an orientation video as @Stevie imagined.

My attempt and results

Just getting started here!

Questions and next steps

A great illustration could be the cover for a pad of blank "paper research notes". Such a pad would be a great resource for organizers to hand out as they meet new people and seek to orient them to Public Lab and how Public Lab collaborates.
A great video would also be a great resource for orienting newcomers of all stripes.

Why I'm interested

Research notes are a core part of Public Lab's infrastructure and culture, yet, the point of them is unclear to the newcomer and needs to be better presented.

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Can we boil down what research notes are for in 3 or 4 points? This page is more logistical:

but the bigger picture of what we're doing this for?

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Getting back to this, @warren and I started with a brainstorm:

and then Jeff illustrated this:

Here's the link to the PDF why-write-research-notes.pdf

this will be used as the cover for a pad of paper research notes, described in the comments thread here:

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