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Public Lab Research note

Hunter's Point South

by liz | August 02, 2015 16:57 02 Aug 16:57 | #12115 | #12115

What's going on

There is a group documenting the "post-natural" Hunters Point South before it turns into this: http://www.nycedc.com/project/hunters-point-south. This group includes @laurachipley as well as Nathan Kensinger and a larger crew.

My attempt and results

On August 1st, @Eymund, @Lise%20Brenner and I went out with @laurachipley and Nathan and their crew.



Here is a link to my ground photos in dropbox: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/1cp23thnfp67hc1/AADBf0oPNt_e3fsNPXZRM5nPa?dl=0

Eymund has aerial photos, Laura has aerial video.


Questions and next steps

This was also a practice kite mapping run for @laurachipley who is heading next to West Virginia to do a collaborative documentary on mountaintop removal coal mining.



Resources from @eymund in his google drive link: https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B4O3GQXzVz6tfm1naERYRE9IcjFUdW9oaDgzUWh1Y1FRTmYtcExabVhqMTlSOE5pcmd0OHM&usp=sharing

2015_8_1_Hunters Point South kite photos and site study_Public Lab_0G0079583:




1852 Landfill extents for Hunter Point South field notes:


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Here is a link to some of the video I shot using a GoPro. [warning - it's shaky!!]
The Adobe Premiere plugin to correct the GoPro fisheye distortion worked pretty well. You can also apply a warp stabilizer to smooth out the video.
More on this here: https://helpx.adobe.com/premiere-pro/how-to/edit-correct-gopro-video.html

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here's a nice still!

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