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Quickly find regulatory violations near you

by liz , a1ahna , lourdesvera | March 23, 2022 19:18 23 Mar 19:18 | #30179 | #30179

Ready-to-use reports on how well environmental regs are enforced in every congressional district in the country! Use this website to take the temperature of environmental governance in your local area, and get deets to ratchet up the heat on your local elected officials.

Thank you EDGI for making the data accessible from EPA's Enforcement and Compliance Info Online!

Step 1:

Visit to view the overall map of the United States with Congressional Districts color coded by how many active violations are persisting:

image description

Step 2

Click the map to go to the "Report Card" view, where you can click on your state

image description

Step 3

Check out the PDF that is generated by a Jupyter Notebook with easy to read headlines and graphs:

image description

image description

Step 5

Demand better from your elected officials!

Bonus Step

Visit and get an introduction to Jupyter notebooks and create interactive maps for your district from datasets of your choice!

image description


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