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Make Open Space signs for an event like the Barnraising

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lead image from the 2015 Barnraising of the Open Space Technology signs that the group wrote in a variety of languages including Spanish, Chinese, Turkish, Korean, and English

Background -- why are we making signs?

The facilitation style of Barnraising is based in large part on open space technology, a way for a group to self-organize a meeting. Read more here:


  • Get colorful, wide markers
  • Get chart paper or rolls of paper
  • Write as big as possible, with letters at least 3" tall.
  • Aim to fill about 2"x3" or an entire piece of chart paper with each of the six signs.

Edited for clarity and inclusiveness:

  • Whoever comes are the right people
  • Whatever happens is the only thing that could have
  • Whenever it starts is the right time
  • When it is over, it is over
  • The Law of Mobility
  • Be Prepared to Be Surprised

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Signs for 2016 Los Angeles Barnraising @liz 9 months ago
Signs for 2017 Appalachian barnraising @liz 9 months ago


Hi Liz - do you have any other great photos of this? I love this process!

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From the #serc at @partsandcrafts!

This is an amazing banner collection you can borrow which reminded me a lot of the Barnraising signs:

Protest Banner Lending Library

Aram Han Sifuentes in collaboration with Verónica Casado Hernández, Ishita Dharap, and Tabitha Anne Kunkes

We started this project in November 2016 in the aftermath of the Presidential Elections. Through workshops, we teach the public how to create protest banners. Once they are made, participants have the option of taking the banners or to donate them to the library. The library idea came about because many of us cannot safety attend protests. The Chicago Protest Banner Lending Library currently has over 250 banners and anyone can check out a banner to use. We have recently expanded our library sites to Boston, Philadelphia, and St. Louis.

If you would like to check out a banner, please email or contact us through our facebook page at:

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