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  • 3 - a dashboard for monitoring and sharing

by liz |

Just saw a great presentation yesterday at EPA's Region 2 Citizen Science Forum by Amy Gottsegen of Drexel University (Gwen Ottinger's student) on CMU's CREATE Lab is also involved but i'm not sure how the project is structured.

  • There's a timelapse video which you can browse by calendar as well as timeline, and there's additional controls like zooming in and out.
  • scrolling the video's timeline also controls the position and zoom level shown in graphs of air quality sensors, in this case, they have a few Specks installed.

It is open source:

They've made a tour of their dashboard that is super helpful:

Shenango Channel Tour from CREATE Lab on Vimeo.

photo-monitoring cmu timelapse data pm particulate-monitoring data-management dashboard drexel smokestacks smoke


@DMerwitz @marlokeno @stevie @bkleist @cfastie - just thought you'd be interested to see this effort -- great use of timelapse to monitor smokestacks.

How are folks timelapses going?

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