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How a Compression Coupling Works

by kgradow1 | July 29, 2020 17:01 29 Jul 17:01 | #24232 | #24232


The bucket monitor uses a compression coupling to attach the Tedlar bag and the vacuum hose. Compression couplings are often used in plumbing fixtures to get a watertight seal. We're going to look at the stainless steel intake port, which is a 3/16" stainless steel bulkhead.

Intake Port: Nut and Ferrule

The intake port is located on the top of the bucket. It is typically capped until you are ready to take a sample.

image description image description image description

What it looks like on the inside

The bottom side of the port attaches directly to the 3/16" valve on the Tedlar bag.

image description

Tighten the Bulkhead

When you're ready to attach it use two adjustable wrenches to tighten down the bulkhead. This will crush the ferrule and nut into the tube, biting into the plastic and creating a firm connection. This connection is airtight.

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This animated gif and really all the diagrams are fantastic, thank you so much @kgradow1

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