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Public Lab Research note

Designing a soil sampling tool kit for community science /environmental justice applications

by jjcreedon | May 17, 2018 00:28 17 May 00:28 | #16356 | #16356

What I want to do

Put together an open source, inexpensive and easily replicable soil sampling tool kit.

My attempt and results

Our group, Citizen Science Community Resources, recently collaborated with Public Lab to design an easy to put together (open source) soil sampling tool kit so folks can sample their own backyard for hazardous chemicals. We've only attempted this once. Its really not rocket science..

Questions and next steps

Do you think there is a real need for something like this in communities ? We are in the process of tweaking the soil sampling instructions and contents of the tool kit, and will; hopefully roll it out in the next few weeks. Our expertise mainly is in the interpretation of the results and what to do with the data (using data for real tangible outcomes)

Why Im interested

We want to empower folks impacted by industrial pollution by providing them with information on how to put together a soil sampling tool kit, teach them how to use it, help them interpret the results and what to do with the data to demand environmental justice.

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Hi @jjcreedon I personally think this will be a very important contribution for affected communities. At @Imvec we're working on a slime and sludge sampling toolkit, toghether with the Hirikilabs project in Donosti. Working also with some experts from the Vasque Country University. As soon as we have a draft of the documentation we'll post it here. Thanks a lot! Both toolkits will combine like a charm ;D

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@imvec, thanks for the input. Have you written a research note yet on your slime/sludge tool kit?

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Not yet. We're in touch now ;D

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What kinds of things are you sampling for and how are you testing?

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@roberts_ecofarm thanks for the question... you can check out this application note with info to answer your question. https://publiclab.org/notes/bronwen/10-19-2018/using-the-soil-sampling-toolkit

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