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Laser cut Community Microscope stages

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Community microscope file, ready to be cut with a laser cut machine. The file has three stages: sample area, camera stage and a raspberry pi stage at the bottom.


1. Download the .dxf file.

2. Depending on your machine you'll need to dimension the file to 30x13 cm.

3. Cut it and assemble

Ready to cut file β†’ RPI microscope DXF file

Inkscape editable file β†’ RPI microscope SVG file


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Our usb microscop design @luglimbe 1 day ago


Awesome!!! You can also find some cut files (but more importantly some artwork for printing instructions on them!) here:

(also 3d printing files for the kit)

(just testing something)


Hi, would it be OK if we renamed this "make stages for the Community Microscope Kit"? that way people might also hand-cut them, as in -- awesome!

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