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Mycologycal Sovereignty Workshops

by imvec | October 26, 2019 18:17 26 Oct 18:17 | #21305 | #21305

What, when and where

1, 2 and 3 of November at Calafou, postcapitalist industrial colony. At 50 km from Barcelona.

After the mushroom workshop that took place in the Open Days this summer in Calafou we come together again to continue learning and sharing knowledge on mushroom production, mycelium reproduction and design and self-construction of instruments for measurement and cultivation..... This time, we will also add the fermented ones!

This workshop is aimed at ALL, but especially seeks to establish networks of collaboration both with those who already participated in the Open Days workshops, with those who want to join this network of learning mycology through action, experience and a critical perspective.

We're trying to document all the processes and experiences. You can check the wiki to see how far we have come for now:

Inscriptions here

More info at

This event is on 11-01-2019 iCal

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