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The Colors Mountain

by imvec | May 08, 2017 11:13 08 May 11:13 | #14168 | #14168

What Is The Colors Mountain

The Colors Mountain is a collective artistic intervention project developed during 6 years that uses a virtual space dedicated to the observation and investigation of alleged ecological crimes, with the goal of using the concept of "reasonable doubt", not only for possible court acquittal but also cause a formal investigation that could lead to a court complaint.

The Colors Mountain website

Authors, from the perspective and methods of work of a civilian intelligence unit, provide the development of six autonomous spaces

The red mountain, using techniques of espionage and social control.

The green mountain, studying the ecological changes in a given field.

The yellow mountain, analysis spaces contaminated nuclear, chemical or biological.

The blue mountain, systematic archive of declassified documents and court decisions.

The white mountain, audio database.

The black mountain, DIY.

We understand the IMVEC project as a continuation of The Colors Mountain.

The Documentary

After Five years of investigation we received a Fotopress LaCaixa grant for the production of an extra piece of video. This is the result. We are fixing the subtitles.


Wow, amazingly dramatic video. Even though my language abilities are poor, the attitudes toward the environment come across loud and clear. Thank you for posting. I am excited to read subtitles when they become available.

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Hi Liz! Thanks! Subtitles are available clicking on the "CC" button in english and spanish. They are High case and a little difficult to read but available ;)

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