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Homemade Raman spectrometer

by homechemist |

Raman spectroscopy is a very powerful analytical technique that can be used for the identification of almost any sample .Unfortunately , commercial raman spectrometers are quite expensive so i have decided to make a "cheap" and fully functional raman spectrometer


**All the details are in the following video: **** ****


Enjoy it !image descriptionimage descriptionimage description

Image shows the raman spectrum of toluene

spectrometer raman spectroscopy homemade


I couldn't help notice a lack of written material, esp a numeral-labeled diagram. Hoping this is an oversight or work-in-progress bcuz it has my interest tweaked. 'More maps, pictures & graphs' to keep my interest please. A lead on component acquisition & prices would be most appreciated too. Dichroic beam splitter & mirror sizes, microscope occular power. Get back with me ASAP. I like what I see

Hi and sorry for the slow reply, yeah you are right, indeed I've a more detailed document related with the specifications and performance of my spectrometer, however it's not in English.. At the moment I don't have enough time to complete it and translate but I'll try to do it in a couple of months. In the meantime. If you have any other general question regarding the spectrometer and its results, I will be glad to answer you!

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