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Infragram for Hydroponics

by hendrik_hagala | October 13, 2020 15:24 13 Oct 15:24 | #24745 | #24745

Hello everyone,

We are building hydroponic gardens (example here) for our homes and we are considering using infrared photography to support plant growth. Could anyone advice us if using infragram for hydroponic garden is useful? For example, would it help us to regulate nutrition and light output for plants?

Many thanks for your help.


Is daylight reaching your hydroponic plants, or are you shining infrared light on them from your grow light? If so, infragram will show you results. If there is no infrared light present to be reflected, infragram will not show you results.

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Hi Liz, Thanks a lot for your comment. The plants won't get sunlight and our lights wont emit IR light but that's something we could add. I'm just wondering how infragram's data could help us to optimize plant's growth? Can we use the data to regulate resources like water, light, nutrition solution, etc.? Any ideas, suggestions or pointing me to the right source would be highly appreciated.

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The data can show you which parts of which plants are photosynthesizing most vigorously. Other factors being equal, this information could alert you to a situation such as your fertilizer or light not reaching all your plants evenly. Here are a couple activities for working with infrared data:

Note: NDVI might not reveal pests! https://publiclab.org/notes/cfastie/08-18-2013/hornworms

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