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Balloon Mapping Wetland Forest Restoration Efforts at New Orleans Nature Center

by eustatic | August 02, 2013 17:51 02 Aug 17:51 | #8959 | #8959

What I want to do

I wanted to map the wetlands restoration ongoing at the old Nature Center site in New Orleans east. Despite its neglect after Katrina, it has many dedicated supporters, and Audubon is talking about restoring the wetlands and the educational center. This educational center and urban wetlands have never been replaced, and the buildings are crumbling, and the wetlands have turned to invasive tallow.

There has been a small clearing made to plant cypress, in an attempt to maintain the soil porosity for stormwater retention.

location is 30.032578, -89.963264

My attempt and results

I flew the balloon three times, once in front, once in the middle, and once down a trail.

I used a Canon Powershot A490 with a rock tied and taped down over the shutter, and a juice bottle cage.

Here are some sample shots.

more here:

caption Under the Tree educational program, Friends of Joe Brown Park.




caption in the Cypress planting row. Red leaves = cypress




caption Mostly invasive tallow

caption Cleared restoration site

caption Volunteer work crew

Questions and next steps

When is Scott going to get off his ass and port these photos to Mapknitter? well...Maybe I'll ask Stewart for help on this one.

Next step will be to take a dual RGB / NIR image in the fall, as the tallow change color, and all other trees stay green.


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