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Monongahela Monitoring Marathon - Part I

by donblair | October 19, 2015 19:11 19 Oct 19:11 | #12317 | #12317

Hello again!

This is just a quick research note in an attempt to catch up with John Keefe's amazing water monitoring work recently. John works at WNYC for their Data News Team, and contacted Public Lab a while back after seeing Catherine D'Ignazio present on the Open Water Project. He was particularly interested in the Riffle, which is a water monitoring datalogger that fits in a standard 500 mL water bottle. He had been selected by West Virginia University's Reed College of Media as an 'Innovator-In-Residence', and, inspired by Catherine's presentation, decided to teach a 'data journalism' class focused on DIY water monitoring technology.

I'm still trying to collect all of the fantastic coverage that John's project has already garnered; for now, here's a collection of links to his blog posts on the project, in chronological order -- it's neat to see how the project developed!

And here's a link to 'live data' -- note that the batteries on the devices had run out, and it looks like they just had new batteries put in (perhaps in a classroom -- current conductivity is reading 'zero' :)) -- perhaps they'll be redeployed by the end of the day!



Awesome -- does John have a PL username to cite?

I also wanted to connect the dots with the live sensor graphing work you and I planned out on Friday:!topic/plots-waterquality/BTL5fMJMtGo

Just to test it out -- we have more work to do, but as a preview -- here's the embed generated by Grapherate right now:

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