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Calling for your favorite Kite/Balloon Mapping images and video!

by bronwen |

(above image by @C_Eich in Union Square, NY)

Public Lab is working on a campaign to relaunch our Balloon Mapping Kit, and to that end we're hoping to round up images and/or video showcasing your kite and balloon photography over the years!

We'd love to see documentation of all kinds of projects: large-scale research missions, backyard surveys, successful (or unsuccessful) experimentation, works in progress, or anything else you can think of that gives insight into aerial mapping and your work with the process. Completed maps and action shots of mapping teams are all welcome! As long as you put something up in the air (or TRIED to put something up in the air), we'd love to take a look.

Feel free to post photos, videos, links, and any commentary you wish directly into this post or the comments. Many thanks!

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Research sites in northern Alaska as depicted from kite images

Barcelona, april 2015, with @pablo

Ecuador, November 2015, with @MateoNeira @sebasvanegasb @NataCabrera @JuanSardi

China, January 2016 with @shanlter and the GreenovationHub crew, flying kite to start understanding excess sediment in water supply to rural village in Guanzxi Zhuang autonomous province

Also with @shanlter and the GHub crew Looking for helium during Chinese New Year (can you spot the PL balloon box in each photo?)

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I think the very first is @bronwen's ;)

Oops, sorry!

@genawirth and The Dredge Collaborative, more here:

There are a LOT of amazing Gowanus photos of canoes in all sorts of water conditions, from frozen to milky white with the carcasses of sewage-gorging bacteria. Assuming @bronwen can find these, otherwise, i can upload!

Above: Balloon mapping agricultural study plots (the first iFarm, May 2012). Photo, Chris Fastie.

Above: Balloon mapping agricultural study plots (the first iFarm, May 2012). Near infrared photo, Chris Fastie.

Above: Balloon mapping agricultural study plots (the first iFarm, May 2012). Photo, Chris Fastie.

Above: Bristol, VT landfill balloon mapping workshop, October, 2016. Photo: Shaina Kasper

Above: A rare discovery from the Public Lab archives. A youthful Admiral Von Hindenberkenstock launches a balloon mapping prototype. Credit: unknown

Above: @mustafa10 demonstrating a balloon with Redstone Rig and pendulum suspension. I think this happened in Berlin. I don't know who to credit for this photo.

Awesome pictures! Kelly Taylor from @partsandcrafts sent these in, too!

When I couldn't find any free, high-resolution aerial imagery of my coral reef study site, @glennon introduced me to BAP and KAP. Since then I've used it to for mapping but also as a way to teach students in California and Indonesia about remote sensing for environmental monitoring.

Sadly, one camera drowned in the making of this orthophoto mosaic (though the SD card + photos survived :)

Coastal mapping with students in Bali, Indonesia

Map-reading isn't a universal skill. I've found that the process of shooting and then arranging aerial photos into a mosaic helps people connect their ground-based perspective with the aerial perspective of a typical map.

Balinese students arrange KAP photos

KAP map made in Mapknitter by students in Art CS 177: Art and Science of Aerospace Culture, UC Santa Barbara, Spring 2015

Boats and kites just go together

(Inflating and preparing for launch with Steven Ruiz, pictured)

Ballon Mapping and Photogrammetry tests conducted September 2017 at the Desert View Conservation Area (section) adjacent to Joshua Tree National Park, CA.

Photogrammetry produced from the flight over Joshua Tree, Desert View Conservation Area, using student edition of Autodesk Recap.

Balloon Mapping at the Amboy Crater, CA.

Photogrammetry produced with Autodesk Recap, Student Edition. Rendered with Cinema 4D R18

Wow gorgeous images and models!!!!

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