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Meet Public Lab’s new Research Curation Fellows!

by bhamster | June 15, 2021 22:19 15 Jun 22:19 | #26830 | #26830

We are thrilled to welcome four new Research Curation Fellows to Public Lab this spring! 🎉🎈🔬 Meet the brilliant people who will be growing community science resources on the environmental health topics of water, land, air, and organizing and advocacy over the next twelve months.

And a sincere thank you to everyone who took the time to apply for the Fellowships this round.

Meet the Fellows

Alejo Bonifacio (@alejobonifacio)

Alejo is joining as the Water Research Curation Fellow. He works with low-cost open source hardware and software for water quality monitoring in and around Córdoba, Argentina, and has been bringing these community science tools to local educators and students for several years.

Julia Masters (@julia_e_masters)

Julia is the Organizing & Advocacy Research Curation Fellow. She's an activist and community organizer who's recently been applying her experience in advocacy and environmental policy to engage local communities as cities create climate action plans.

Vania Fong (@fongvania)

Vania joins as the Air Research Curation Fellow. She brings experience in community air quality monitoring and analyzing data to improve clean energy programs, and is committed to making technology work for better environmental health outcomes.

Laurel Mire (@laurel_mire)

Laurel is the Land Research Curation Fellow. She's blending her knowledge of mapping and geographic information systems (GIS) with interests in examining land loss, soil contamination, and impacts of oil and gas developments, especially in coastal Louisiana.

Follow along

Look out for research notes from each Fellow introducing themselves, and receive updates about Fellowship happenings by following the tag research-curation-fellows.

You can learn more about the Research Curation Fellowships on this wiki page, which also shows public events that the Fellows will organize and host throughout the year. Stay tuned for posts announcing these events and join a call to say hi and exchange questions, project ideas, and lived experiences in community science.

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