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Hi there! My name is Laurel, and I'm the new Land Research Curation Fellow!

by laurel_mire | June 13, 2021 16:26 13 Jun 16:26 | #26818 | #26818

Hi there! My name is Laurel, and I'm an aspiring environmental scientist from New Orleans and the new land research curation fellow. I just graduated from Tulane University and am excited to dive into the world of community science to learn more about the relationship between land loss, soil contamination, and the oil and gas industry as well as play a role in making the scientific field more accessible to those on the frontlines of environmental justice issues. I also love mapping and GIS and am eager to learn more about utilizing those tools for community science. Swampy Louisiana is pretty I took to the skies via a nearby parking garage for this picture. If you squint, you can see downtown New Orleans and the Superdome pretty well from my neighborhood! I'm so excited to jump in and become a part of this awesome community!


Welcome @laurel_mire! 👋 We're so delighted you're here and can't wait to work with you! 🗺️

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Welcome to the community! I look forward to your reading your posts and contributions.

Likewise! So excited to be here and learn from this awesome community 😺

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@laurel_mire congratulations on your graduation from Tulane! I would love to hear more about your environmental science interest sometime! Welcome to the inaugural Research Curation Fellows team!

Thank you!! I'd love to chat sometime and hear about your work as well!

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Welcome! can´t wait to see all your additions to PL

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"I just graduated from Tulane University" Congratulation

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