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Meet Vania, the new Air Research Curation Fellow!

by fongvania | June 11, 2021 06:41 11 Jun 06:41 | #26813 | #26813

Hello Public Lab world! I'm Vania Fong and I'm this year's Air Research Curation Fellow, and I'm based in San Francisco, California.

In my day-to-day I do data analytics to support clean energy programs, and I'm particularly interested in how technical analyses can be integrated with storytelling and the human element to address environmental justice issues and empower communities. I had been a part of Engineers for a Sustainable World for a few years so I'm super excited to be able to continue doing science-based and community-grounded work. Outside of Public Lab and my job, I enjoy listening to philosophy podcasts and practicing photography (alliteration not intended 😃 )

Here's a photo of me with our family dog, Susie, at my hometown in Southern California. Pardon the pixelated quality--this was shot on our family's security camera mounted near the roof. Honored to be here with such a passionate community and looking forward to meeting more of you during the fellowship!


Pleasure to meet you! Hope to work with you on the future!

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Welcome @fongvania, we're so excited you're here! ✨ Great photo of you and your pup 😄

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What a fun picture. So nice to have met you today. I look forward to hearing more from you!

Glad to have met you today too! Love your enthusiasm and looking forward to connecting and collaborating more :)

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What a creative selfie via security camera! Love it! Congratulations on joining the inaugural Research Curation Fellows cohort!

Would love lean more about Engineers for a Sustainable World, do you have a resource link? Thanks!

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Thank you for the kind welcome! And yes of course, here's the official ESW link, and i was part of the UC Berkeley Chapter. There's also another organization called Engineering for Change that does something similar, but with a broader focus beyond sustainability.

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Nice meeting you Vania!

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